Tennant T1 Battery Micro-Scrubber - 15", AGM Battery

Tennant T1 Battery Micro-Scrubber - 15", AGM Battery

Item # 3539008635-EA

  • Cord-free flexibility allows cleaning even when people are present. Compact, forward and reverse scrubbing and drying delivers best-in-class cleaning.
  • Scrub motor: 0.65 hp
  • Vacuum motor: 0.5 hp, 1-stage, waterlift (sealed) 25"
  • AGM batteries
15", AGM Battery, ea
Alternate #9008635

The T1 Battery Micro Scrubber delivers a safe, efficient cleaning option for your environment. Increase safety with the T1 battery's cord free scrubbing. Clean small, congested areas, in forward and reverse, with the T1 battery’s compact, maneuverable design. Touch up high traffic areas multiple times per day with optional lithium ion battery that's virtually always ready to clean. Also available with AGM batteries.

AGM batteries.

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