Square Scrub Doodle® Scrub Deluxe

Item # 4210020-EA

  • Cleans around and behind toilets. Fits underneath sinks. Reaches under and around bathroom stalls. Gets under urinals. Uses standard 4" x 10" pads.
  • Motor: 4100 rpm, 1/4 hp; Cord: 30' 18 gauge
  • Amp draw: 1.1 amps, Won't blow breakers
Alternate #SSEBG-9-DLX
  • Description

2-position handle: Clip on long edge to clean securely along edges or clip on short edge for a more mop-like movement. The Doodle Scrub® Deluxe includes: Doodle Scrub® EBG-9 with carry strap, Doodle Skate®, (7) Blue pads, (5) White Driver pads, (3) SHO pads, (5) SQP pads, (2) White pads, (2) Tile & Grout pads, (2) Xtreme sponge.