Biotab7™ Medical Grade Disinfectant - 1g Tablet

Item # 3770010-PK

  • Biocide, cleaner and deodorizer. Proactively coats surfaces with antimicrobial protection. Removes soil and bio-burden with nearly 100% efficiency.
  • Provides 1 product disinfection for every hard surface
  • Creates a general purpose, no-rinse disinfecting solution
  • 50 per pouch
1g Tablet, 1/50/cs
Alternate #2-2123-PC
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  • Description

Disinfects drinking water (at 5ppm), sanitizes food contact surfaces (at 25ppm), a healthcare environmental surface disinfectant (at 500ppm, 7-1g tablets/48 oz). Less reactive, and over 2.6 times more potent than chlorine bleach in the creation of FAC for oxidation, chlorine dioxide is the obvious choice for those looking for the most efficiency means of destroying an almost unlimited range of pathogens from environmental surfaces. EPA® registered. NSF® . USDA Organic.